Providence is a brand new singer-songwriter from Northern California who conforms to no template or hard-lined genre for her refreshing style. As still a teenager, Providence imagines new melodies with ease, and breathes them to life with a velvet-soft tone that touches the ear like a new love touches the soul. Her sound is being captured presently for all to enjoy, and we are grateful to soon share it with the public.


This site is a direct result of Providence’s express desire to share her gentle voice-gift wherever and with whomever resonates with her passion for the art and beauty of original melodies borne of the American youth experience, which is at once the most sought-after life on the planet, but also arguably by the same virtue, the most lonely and disillusioned. On this site you can gather bits of Providence’s own story, and also learn of her live performance calendar as well as her single, record and video releases.


Thank you for following your artistic curiosity, and may God use Providence’s gentle soundcraft to breathe new life into your imagination and refresh your journey!